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Full face$110
Upper Lip$33
Prices per session
Under Arms$60
Full Arms$100
Half Arms$77
Full Back$110
Half Back$82
Prices per session
Bikini Plus$77
Bikini Line$72
Upper Leg$176
Lower Leg$154
Full Leg$275
Prices per session
Full Body$550
Prices per session

IPL gives permanent hair reduction for long-term silky, smooth skin. For many of us the weekly or monthly maintenance from sugaring, waxing or shaving can become overwhelming. IPL is your answer to achieving permanent results of hair free skin.

This treatment provides permanent results for all areas of the body and on all skin types. There is no  downtime after the treatment as IPL is safe and non-invasive,  some redness and swelling may occur after the treatment but will dissipate within the first few hours.

Are you wondering ” is there an ipl hair removal near me”? Of course there is!  Book an IPL Hair removal and be sure to recycle that razor!

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The IPL was originally developed to surpass the limitations of traditional laser hair removal, as it offers more versatile, effective, and comfortable aesthetic treatments available. Unlike laser hair removal, light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the follicle and then converted to heat. The heat loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair.

No. During the procedure, a slight, momentary stinging sensation like a quick “snap” may be felt, but no pain.

The typical regimen is 6-8 treatment sessions, spaced 4-12 weeks apart, depending on the body area. Client results vary and more or less treatments might be required

About 20%-25% of human hair follicles on the body are in the growth phase at any given time. This is the percentage of hair follicles that can be destroyed in a single treatment session. In order to eliminate almost 70% of hair, treatment has to be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

The best way to know if IPL hair removal is right for you is to come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Aestheticians.

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