Permanent Lip Makeup

Special Lip Blush Promo Price- $475 
(includes complementary touch up within 2 months)

Lip Blush:

Introducing a new revolutionary semipermanent makeup method, Softap©, used to achieve the most natural look for your lips. Hand tool is used to deposit the right amount of pigment into the lip membrane, giving your lips more definition and colour. This method involves only 2-3 days of healing and requires 1-2 touch ups to achieve the desired result (to be discussed with the technician)

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Lip Blush $550
Lip Blush Special Promo Price $475
Beauty Mark $80
Touch-up within 9-18 months of procedure $200
Touch-up within 5-9 months of procedure $100
Touch-up within 2-5 months of procedure $80

Every procedure includes one complimentary touch-up within 2 months.