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If you suffer with cold sores, you should be symptom-free prior to a treatment to avoid the risk of spreading. Discuss with the technician if you have any of the following: Severe rosacea, dermatitis, skin cancers, bruise easily, inflamed acne, Hepatitis C, AIDS, or using blood thinners or Accutane. If you use Retin A products [...]

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Can I workout?

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It is very important after to NOT EXERCISE. Where perspiration is created, you will develop a stinging sensation that can take several hours to dissipate.

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Are there any side effects?

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There is little to no downtime. One may experience a slight tingling, and the skin may feel tighter afterwards. Skin may appear slightly flushed and this generally fades in 12-24 hours. You may experience peeling or flaking, this is a sign of the cell renewal process being stimulated. If flaking occurs, simply use an exfoliant [...]

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How many treatments do I need?

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The recommended amount is 6. Treatments are performed every 7-14 days. Treatments are meant to be progressive not aggressive. Results are most noticeable after the 3rd treatment, although, it is common to see results after the first session. Maintenance treatments are suggested once every 4-6 weeks.

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How does a diamond peel work?

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This gentle exfoliation is performed with a diamond tip passing over the skin’s surface by creating a gentle vacuum. Microdermabrasion exfoliates approximately 20-25 microns of dead skin cells of the outermost layer. One microdermabrasion is equal to three 30% glycolic peels or one 70%.

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Why Microdermabrasion?

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Approximately every 28 days we create a new layer of skin. As new cells form they push their way to the surface and then dead cells settle on the surface. This can cause enlarged pores, clogged pores, a bumpy uneven texture, and a dull appearance. As we age this process slows down leading to the [...]

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Who can benefit?

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Men and women of any skin type or colour. Anyone with aging, flaky, dry, devitalized, thickened, blemished, and sun damaged skin will be rejuvenated and refreshed. Blotchy and uneven skin tones will also be improved.

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