3D Hairline Treatment

About the procedure

3D Hairline Treatment was created to help men and women that have experienced hair loss and would like to re-create their hairline  stroke- by- stoke, reclaiming what has been lost and giving the realistic effect of lush, healthy hair.

The treatment involves the technician first drawing the new hairline by hand, strand- by strand to show the amount of coverage. Once the desired look has been agreed on by the client, numbing cream is applied and procedure begins.

3D hairline treatment is a semi permanent hairline tattoo that is applied using a special instrument to mimic the look of hair. The hairline will be matched in shape, length and color  to recreate an incredibly natural looking & detailed replication of micro hairs, giving your hairline a fuller, more voluminous look.

Prior to the procedure taking place, you will receive  a complimentary consultation, we will go through your medical history,  find out what aesthetic look you are looking for, if the procedure is right for you and address any concerns you may have.

  • Procedure Length: 60-90  minutes, depending on the area
  • Downtime: Can return to daily activities right after

Cost Detail

Full Forehead Hairline Treatment $850

Temples only Hairline Treatment $600

Each procedure includes one complimentary touch up within 2 months of procedure

The Hairline Treatment perfectly mimics your own hair, including length, width and color. In just 10-1.5 hrs, you could have the full, beautiful hairline you have always wanted! Our technicians have hundreds of colors available to ensure that your treatment will be unique to you, blending in perfectly with your own hair

Book your complimentary consultation today and see what you have been missing. Our talented micropigementation specialists have years of experience performing hairline treatments, so rest assured- you will love your new look!


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